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Pursuit of Venture Capital

Prolonged capital raises are damaging to operations and valuations. We bridge the founder-investor information gap with VC Market Intelligence to help founders raise more efficiently.

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70% of funded startups

run out of cash prior to raising their next round.

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Traction Strategy Sprint

Produce the signals of traction the VC market will expect.

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Fundraising Support

Conduct an impactful roadshow and close rounds with confidence.

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Market Validation

Eliminate probable objections with proactive feedback from select VCs.

Our Solutions

Based on our framework, Traction Science, our solutions de-risk raising venture capital by leveraging market insight and curated investor feedback to systematically build a compelling traction narrative that helps founders know when, how, and from whom to raise capital.


Our Philosophy

Product-market fit isn’t the same as venture-capitalist fit. 70% of funded startups run out of cash prior to raising their next round.

VCs hesitate to invest because they doubt a venture’s ability to scale, and even those founders who are successful typically spend 3+ months scrambling to build the conviction they need to close.

Our Clients

"I really appreciated the disciplined thinking Traction Science forces. We're finally working together as a team." - Founder, B2C post-seed FinTech startup


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Our perspectives, learnings, and insights on venture capital and traction.

How Venture Capital Will be Impacted by the Next Recession

17 October 2019

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EdTech Platform Osmosis Raises a $4M Series A To Train Caregivers

01 July 2019

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Pillar Raises $5.5M to Attack the Student Loan Repayment Problem

04 June 2019

Kleiner Perkins craves access to the financial data of highly educated consumers entering the…

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